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We are professionals in technical extrusion profiling with extensive and long-standing experience in that industry.

We offer innovative and efficient solutions for all types of thermoplastic material profiles intended for a wide variety of applications. To achieve this, we invest and work with extrusion lines and state-of-the-art machinery and have a highly trained team to design, produce, and supply profiles and tubes in thermoplastic materials of high quality, durability and precision. As manufacturers and suppliers of technical extrusion profiling, we are specialists in customized profiles for industrial and commercial uses and, also, we have a long-standing experience in the development of personalized projects, adapted to the specific needs of our clients: design and manufacture of rubber profiles for the automotive industry, plastic developments for electronics, electricity and plastic industry and profiles for renewable energies and railway sector. All this also includes solutions for windows and doors, fastening and channeling profiles, plastic profiles for mechanisms and structures and all kinds of high-level technical extrusion profiles.

In addition, since the founding of Perfilería Tècnica d'Extrusió, S.L., Pertex., in 2002, we have created and consolidated a powerful network of collaborating companies specialized in other processes, materials, and technologies, that allows us to offer our clients a complete service and, also, guarantee the quality and efficiency of all our products.

At Pertex, we work closely with our clients to ensure their satisfaction and that their expectations and needs are met. For this reason, we take care of everything of the project, from the design to the delivery of the final product, and we also strive to be flexible and agile in our production to be able to adapt our work to any requirement and delivery time. This has helped us to establish a lasting and trustworthy relationships with our clients over the more than twenty years of the company, and has also led us to become a reference manufacturer and supplier in the technical extrusion profiling industry.

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