• Development and manufacture of thermoplastic profiles


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Sectors in which we work
We are manufacturers of plastic profiles of any kind. We develop the product together with the client looking for the necessary materials to obtain the best possible functionality and thus find the best solution.
About Pertex

Pertex is dedicated to the development of projects, innovations and in meeting the customers needs in order to obtain the desired product from the extrusion of thermoplastic materials. This is possible thanks to the vast experience and knowledge of our team, together with the collaboration of highly-trained professionals in additional processes, materials and technologies. This allows us to offer a fully integral service to our clients.

Founded in 2002, by a team of highly motivated professionals, Pertex offers the customer the service and knowledge obtained from over 30 years of experience in the industry and from working with prestigious companies.

The aim of Pertex is to be customer friendly and offering the optimal solution and maintaining a very close working relationship with both customers and suppliers.

Extrusion of thermoplastic materials
Extrusion of thermoplastic materials